Date: 2021-01-13

New Employment Opportunities for Chemistry Students

SDSU Georgia’s Employment Services department works tirelessly to ensure that our students and graduates have access to competitive employment opportunities both during their student years and upon graduation.

One of the biggest challenges has been placing Chemistry/Biochemistry students in full-time positions with competitive salaries on the local job market, compared to graduates from other SDSU Georgia programs.

Although SDSU Georgia has partnered with organizations like the Lugar Research Center/WRAIR, Aversi Pharmacy, GM Pharma, Nutrimax and Efes Brewery, as well as other companies that work in the chemistry sphere and support our students by offering internships, full-time placement opportunities with competitive salaries typically require students to have PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry 

SDSU Georgia’s Employment Services department has been working on widening our network of competitive employers and creating opportunities for Chemistry/Biochemistry students with more local organizations.

One successful example is the company Soluutivo, which has recently opened a branch in Georgia. Soluutivo has so far hired three SDSU Georgia Chemistry/Biochemistry students with competitive salaries for the Georgian market and has been extremely satisfied with our students’ knowledge and abilities.

The company has given very positive feedback and is eager to hire more of our students, continuing its successful partnership with the university.

Interested in working with our students? Take a look at our Career Services Website or contact our Employer Relations Manager, Anna Shakhnazarova, directly at