Deans List


The Dean’s List recognizes academic achievement within a single semester. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must be in good academic standing, matriculated, and receive a term grade point average of 3.5 in a minimum of 12 graded units. In the Spring 2020 semester, there were 298 honorees. Congratulations on this achievement! The hard work you have put into your studies will be invaluable in your future endeavors. I wish you continued success in your academic career.

Halil Guven
Dean SDSU Georgia
Name Surname Studying Year
Aleksi Gogoladze Senior
Levan Lekishvili Senior
Nikoloz Meladze-Jaiani Senior
Nino Shareidze Senior
Nikoloz Tbileli Senior
Anastasia Akhvlediani Junior
Aleksi Aleksandria Junior
Irakli ამბოკაძე Junior
Davit Barbakadze Junior
Daviti Beriashvili Junior
Lasha Butkhuzi Junior
Uta Buziashvili Junior
Guram Bzekalava Junior
Anna Charbadze Junior
Mariam Chikhradze Junior
Salome Chiladze Junior
Levani Chitanava Junior
Erekle Dateshidze Junior
Salome Dushashvili Junior
Ani Dzamelashvili Junior
David Enukidze Junior
Shalva Esakia Junior
Tea Gamrekelashvili Junior
Daviti Garuchava Junior
Giorgi Gelashvili Junior
Ioane Gogolashvili Junior
Nana Gomareli Junior
Ani Gverdtsiteli Junior
Tornike Iarajuli Junior
Natia Inadze Junior
Jemali Iosava Junior
Tornike Jajanidze Junior
Ana Jervalidze Junior
Davit Kakachishvili Junior
Mariam Kantaria Junior
Phuad Karaev Junior
Tsotne Karchava Junior
Mariami Khukhunashvili Junior
Davit Khutsishvili Junior
Giorgi Khvadadze Junior
Lia Kirtadze Junior
Vakhtang Kontridze Junior
Asmat Kontselidze Junior
Guga Kupradze Junior
Nika Kutalia Junior
Levan Lobjanidze Junior
Gvantsa Lomidze Junior
Giorgi Machavariani Junior
Sofiko Maglakelidze Junior
Temuri Malakmadze Junior
Amiran Malania Junior
Omari Mamalashvili Junior
Valerian Marsagishvili Junior
Vano Mazashvili Junior
Guram Menteshashvili Junior
Ana Menteshashvili Junior
Khatia Merabishvili Junior
Beqa Mikadze Junior
Mikheil Nozadze Junior
Timur Ozdemir Junior
Luka Pantsulaia Junior
Anano Papinashvili Junior
Anna Pavliashvili Junior
Salome Pirosmanishvili Junior
George Pkhakadze Junior
Ana Shonvadze Junior
Luka Simsive Junior
Giorgi Solomnishvili Junior
Nino Tabagari Junior
Avtandil Tavkhelidze Avtandil Tavkhelidze Junior
Nata Tchitchinadze Junior
Tsotne Tsirekidze Junior
Reziko Tsirgvava Junior
Ramaz Tskhadadze Junior
Tinatin Vacheishvili Junior
Irakli Zarnadze Junior
Ana Abramishvili Sophomore
Shota Abuladze Sophomore
Leone Akhmeteli Sophomore
Davit Alimbarashvili Sophomore
Lika Ambrosishvili Sophomore
Tamar Antia Sophomore
Tiniko Babalashvili Sophomore
Giorgi Badridze Sophomore
Eleni Basilashvili Sophomore
Tamari Batsankalashvili Sophomore
David Berdznishvili Sophomore
Aleksandre Beruashvili Sophomore
Saba Birkadze Sophomore
Lizi Bodzashvili Sophomore
Giorgi Bokhochadze Sophomore
Salome Chakhunashvili Sophomore
Mikheil Chargazia Sophomore
Ekaterine Chemia Sophomore
Ani Chichua Ani Chichua Sophomore
Anastasia Chikhladze Anastasia Chikhladze Sophomore
Mariam Chikovani Mariam Chikovani Sophomore
Luka Chitaishvili Sophomore
Lolita Chkhaidze Sophomore
Nino Chkhartishvili Sophomore
Bakhva Davlasheridze Sophomore
Dimitri Dondoladze Sophomore
Giorgi Dzidziguri Sophomore
Nika Dzigvashvili Sophomore
Luka Emrashvili Sophomore
Luka Erkomaishvili Sophomore
Luka Esakia Sophomore
Andriy Etcheverry Sophomore
Zaur Gabaidze Sophomore
Davit Gabelaia Sophomore
Ana Gagunashvili Sophomore
Tornike Gambashidze Sophomore
Ioseb Gejadze Sophomore
Ana Geladze Ana Geladze Sophomore
Mariam Gigauri Sophomore
Nino Giorgadze Sophomore
Nino Gogatishvili Sophomore
Giorgi Gogia Sophomore
Levan Gojiashvili Sophomore
Lia Gonashvili Sophomore
Giorgi Gugeshashvili Sophomore
Mariam Gugushvili Sophomore
Daviti Gurgenidze Sophomore
Giorgi Gvalia Sophomore
Teona Iobashvili Sophomore
Anastasia Iosebadze Sophomore
Nia Iskandarova Sophomore
Elene Ivaniashvili Sophomore
Amiran Janashvili Sophomore
Liana Jelia Liana Jelia Sophomore
Lilia Jimsherishvili Sophomore
Eka Julakidze Eka Julakidze Sophomore
Nino Kacharava Nino Kacharava Sophomore
Eka Kakalashvili Sophomore
Kakha Kakhurashvili Sophomore
Lasha Kakulia Lasha Kakulia Sophomore
Nikolozi Kalandadze Sophomore
Ani Kantaria Ani Kantaria Sophomore
Marta Karchkhadze Sophomore
Zurab Kavtaradze Sophomore
Elene Kenia Sophomore
Irakli Kevkhishvili Sophomore
Natia Khitarovi Sophomore
Barbare Khitiri Barbare Khitiri Sophomore
Aleksandre Khorbaladze Sophomore
Givi Khutsishvili Sophomore
Sopio Kitovani Sopio Kitovani Sophomore
Beqa Kopaliani Sophomore
Irakli Kukchishvili Sophomore
Vakhtang Kurdadze Sophomore
Nino Kurtanidze Sophomore
Luka Kvitashvili Sophomore
Giga Lapanashvili Sophomore
Anastasia Lejava Sophomore
Ana Magradze Sophomore
Ekaterine Magradze Sophomore
Natali Maisuradze Sophomore
Nino Makasarashvili Sophomore
Shota Mamukashvili Sophomore
Tornike Maridashvili Sophomore
Zurab Meparidze Sophomore
Zaal Meskhi Sophomore
Beka Metreveli Beka Metreveli Sophomore
Shako Midelauri Sophomore
Nana Mirotadze Sophomore
Giorgi Mshvidobadze Sophomore
Ana Mujirishvili Sophomore
George Mzhavanadze Sophomore
Mertsia Nadareishvili Sophomore
Tsira Natroshvili Sophomore
Vasili Nikoaev Nikolaev Sophomore
Nini Odishelidze Sophomore
Luka Odishvili Sophomore
Mariami Omiadze Sophomore
Devi Oniani Sophomore
Lana Pantskalashvili Sophomore
Giorgi Petriashvili Sophomore
Luka Lucas Pochkhua Sophomore
Nikoloz Pruidze Sophomore
Tekla Ptskialadze Sophomore
Vasili Revazishvili Sophomore
Beka Rukhaia Sophomore
Marika Sarishvili Sophomore
Revazi Shalashvili Sophomore
Sopio Shankulashvili Sophomore
Lado Shapakidze Sophomore
Dimitri Tabagari Sophomore
Kristine Tabidze Sophomore
Ana Toria Sophomore
Giorgi Tsartsidze Sophomore
Medea Tsetsadze Sophomore
Mariam Tsirekidze Sophomore
Nika Tsivilashvili Sophomore
Mariam Tskhomelidze Sophomore
Ana Tskhomelidze Sophomore
Giga Uchaneishvili Sophomore
Vakhtangi Umetadze Sophomore
Ani Usanetashvili Sophomore
Ina Utmelidze Sophomore
Mariam Vadachkoria Sophomore
Sophia Vadachkoria Sophomore
Robert Vakhtangov Sophomore
Milena Vardanyan Sophomore
Mariam Vashakidze Sophomore
Giorgi Zirakashvili Sophomore
Ilya Abuladze Freshman
Beqa Abulashvili Freshman
Mariami Akhvlediani Freshman
Anri Aleksandria Freshman
Mariami Bikashvili Freshman
Luka Buskandze Freshman
Shalva Butkhuzi Freshman
Natia Changhlishvili Freshman
Irakli Chichua Freshman
Mea Chikovani Freshman
Sandro Chitadze Freshman
Bakar Chokharadze Freshman
Tatia Dagelashvili Freshman
Diana Daraselia Freshman
Kakha Davitashvili Freshman
Lika Diasamidze Freshman
Tamta Dumbadze Freshman
Zura Dzneladze Freshman
Tamar Dzvelaia Freshman
Mindia Gegelia Freshman
Ana Gogelia Freshman
David Gogia Freshman
Lasha Gogilava Freshman
Nikoloz Gogitidze Freshman
Giorgi Gurchiani Freshman
Nino Gvalia Freshman
Aleksandre Gzirishvili Freshman
Giorgi Ioseliani Freshman
Sopo Jalalishvili Freshman
Aleksandre Jaoshvili Freshman
Elene Japoshvili Freshman
Giorgi Jijieshvili Freshman
Givi Kadagishvili Freshman
Ana Kaishauri Freshman
Nikoloz Kaladze Freshman
Gurami Katsitadze Freshman
Lizi Kenchoshvili Freshman
Nino Khundzakishvili Freshman
Nana Khurtsidze Freshman
Salome Kikalishvili Freshman
Koba Kiria Freshman
Giorgi Kontselidze Freshman
Saba Kotolashvili Freshman
Nino Kristesiashvili Freshman
Mariami Kuljanishvili Freshman
Ketevan Kutchava Freshman
Iakobi Kvantrishvili Freshman
David Kvitsiani Freshman
Mikheil Kvizhinadze Freshman
Meri Lomidze Freshman
Iva Machabeli Freshman
Ioane Maglakelidze Freshman
Ioane Mania Freshman
Nutsa Margvelashvili Freshman
Irakli Mikadze Freshman
Salome Mikeladze Freshman
Luka Mikhanashvili Freshman
Giorgi Molodini Freshman
Giorgi Morchadze Freshman
Tsotne Mtchedlishvili Freshman
Luka Nadaraia Freshman
Giorgi Nareshelashvili Freshman
Tamaz Navrozashvili Freshman
Nodari Nebunishvili Freshman
Lizi Ninua Freshman
Mariam Nozadze Freshman
Ana Nozadze Freshman
Tornike Ovashvili Freshman
Dimitri Paichadze Freshman
Elene Paitchadze Freshman
Anna Phankvelashvili Freshman
Nini Rekhviashvili Freshman
Tatia Salukvadze Freshman
Tamar Shamugia Freshman
Lizi Sharikadze Freshman
Erekle Shatirishvili Freshman
Giorgi Shengelaia Freshman
Marlen Shengelia Freshman
Salome Sulkhanishvili Freshman
Tamta Tavartkiladze Freshman
Kesaria Tevdorashvili Freshman
Guga Tevzadze Freshman
Aleksandre Toklikishvili Freshman
Aleksandre Toria Freshman
Ana Tsirekidze Freshman
Nutsa Tsirekidze Freshman
Manana Tsiskarishvili Freshman
Irakli Turabelidze Freshman
Giorgi Turdziladze Freshman
Irakli Tvalavadze Freshman
Mariami Utiashvili Freshman
Giorgi Vacheishvili Freshman
Lika Zurabiani Freshman